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Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is crucial to companies to determine security holes before an attack occurs. Vulnerability Scanning is a service by which Hypersecurity engineers will utilize a suite of testing tools to scan your network looking for vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities discovered by Hypersecurity testers will be ranked by level of severity for each IP address with recommendations for remediation. The goal of the vulnerability scanning service is to provide the client with an ongoing scanning program that will help them stay ahead of attackers. Hypersecurity believes that using multiple tools allows for a much better view of the security posture. This includes commercial tools, open source tools and other tools as they become available to the hacker community.

In addition to being considered an industry best practice, vulnerability scanning is now being required by industry and government regulations and compliance mandates. Hypersecurity keeps up with these ever evolving requirements and ensures that their solution will provide our clients with the ability to meet their compliance needs. This service can be performed on both the external facing IP address space (routers, web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, etc.) and internal address space (file servers, desktops, etc.).

The frequency of the vulnerability scanning solution can be set to a wide range of times. For example, customers in the retail sector are required to have the external scans done, at a minimum, quarterly. However, depending on security requirements may dictate a more frequent scanning interval such as monthly, weekly or even hourly. External scans are conducted remotely from Hypersecurity facilities whereas the internal scans are done with an appliance that has been installed on the trusted side of the client’s firewall and secure access provided to your Hypersecurity security tester.