Hypersecurity LLC Policy Management Services

Security Policy and Management Review Services

A well-written corporate security policy is the foundation of a solid security program. The security policy lays out objectives, assigns various responsibilities, and provides direction to protect your organization’s critical information. Furthermore, most industry regulations and compliance mandates require a security policy be in place and contain a variety of critical security elements.

Hypersecurity can work with your organization to ensure your security policy meets industry standards and identifies insufficiencies and improvements to meet those standards as well as to ensure the overall business objectives are met. Hypersecurity uses the ISO 17799 as its baseline to define what a security policy should contain. Other frameworks and methodologies such as CoBIT can be used to ensure consistency with other compliance programs (HIPAA, SOX, etc).

A corporate security policy collects multi-disciplinary guidance. A combination of controls from Physical Security, Personnel Security, IT Security, Administrative Security, and User-Enforced Security are formalized. The richness, breadth, and variety of information that can be contained in a security policy, and the varying end goals of such a policy cause a wide range of potential styles and formats. The audience, tailored goals, focus topics, and regulatory drivers will be examined and captured in a document specification. The breakdown into a specific document format will be provided in an annotated outline.