Hypersecurity LLC OCTAVE Audit Services

OCTAVE is a framework which focuses on organizational risk and strategic, practice-related issues, balancing operational risk, security practices, and technology. The OCTAVE Method was developed with large organizations in mind (300 employees or more), but size is not the only factor that OCTAVE utilizes for consideration. OCTAVE can be used flexibly to address small and large organizations alike, providing a facility for customized risk determinations and strategy to be made. The OCTAVE Method uses a three-phased approach to examine organizational and technology issues, assembling a comprehensive picture of the organization's information security needs. It is comprised of a series of workshops, either facilitated or conducted by an interdisciplinary analysis team. This team consists of three to five of the organization's own personnel to ensure that business subject matter experts are involved in identifying risks.


Our team of compliance consultants has extensive experience in assessing, base-lining, facilitating, and making recommendations against the OCTAVE framework for organizations of any size. Each of our consultants is an expert level security professional, certified to make assessments using the OCTAVE framework with the designation of CISSP, CISA, or CISM. Our professionals have a wide variety of experience creating, developing, and assessing against the OCTAVE framework for the retail industry, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, private companies, public companies, and for government agencies.


Performance of a Basic OCTAVE Assessment


The performance phase begins once the customer and engagement manager have approved the schedule of events. When we assess your OCTAVE compliance, we will:

- Create an overview of your OCTAVE risk profile

- Identify Critical Assets and Potential Threats to these Assets

- Review policies, processes, and procedures for OCTAVE compliance

- Conduct an assessment of your current performance in line with the OCTAVE framework and your risk profile

- Identify the vulnerabilities, both organizational and technological, that expose those threats, creating risk to the organization

- Make recommendations for improvement of your control environment in line with the OCTAVE framework

- Develop a practice-based protection strategy and risk mitigation plan to support the organization's mission and priorities

- Assess your current OCTAVE compliance training

- Assess by line functions and internal audit your current level of OCTAVE compliance monitoring

Hypersecurity will work with you to create an OCTAVE risk profile report describing the risks that the organization has identified, develop an OCTAVE risk strategy plan and establish a prioritized list of risks and vulnerabilities that require attention. We will provide you with an executive summary of the risks and strategy for risk avoidance and make recommendations for inclusion or exclusion of control processes.

The benefits gained from this approach will help you to ensure your review procedures will be compliant with those used by the audit community. We will create a unique program based on your individual organizational needs and our compliance professionals will work with your team to find solutions to compliance problems so your employees can focus on serving the needs of your customers while we take care of your compliance issues.