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Professional Security and Information Systems Audit Services

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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Hypersecurity will conduct a comprehensive compliance assessment and provide you with a gap analysis and detailed recommendations for a variety of standards, regulations, and Information Systems control frameworks like PCI, Privacy Audits, HIPAA, CoBIT, OCTAVE, and ISO 27001/27002.

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IBM (iSeries) Managed Security Services.

Hypersecurity‚Äôs iSeries security assessment is designed to review the settings within the iSeries operating system (OS/400) that are related to system security.  This includes the system values, network attributes, user profiles and object authorities. Our certified experts can help make recommendations to ensure operational integrity and data privacy are maintained to the highest standards. 


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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Services.

Hypersecurity's certified security experts use a highly structured, verified, phased methodology to analyze an organizations potential areas of vulnerability, define viable strategies and implement recovery plans suited specifically to your needs.

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Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Testing services employ a staff trained in the latest ethical hacking techniques and provides an organization with recommendation to improve their overall security posture and enhance corporate defenses.

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Security Policy Review and Development Services

We will assess, review and recommend a policy set that ensures an organization's security policy conforms to any required industry standards and compliance regulations. Our policy experts have decades of experience and can help any organization develop policies and procedures to ensure proper corporate governance.

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Vulnerability Scanning Services

Our security experts will use a suite of testing tools to scan an organizations network for vulnerabilities and rank by level of severity with recommendations for remediation. 

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Incident Response and Forensics Services

Our security experts will assist in management and containment of security incidents and provide forensic services appropriate for the incident severity, along with guided  recommendations for remediation. 


We also offer many specialized security services. Click here for more information on those.