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Incident Response and Forensic Services

Incident Response & Forensics


Research on past security breaches (internal and external) shows that companies can sometimes be destroyed as a result of a breach. A breach can result in resources rendered unavailable and stolen or result in corrupted data. Furthermore, one cannot overlook issues that are difficult to calculate financially, such as bad publicity.

Most organizations plan for the prevention side of IT security but often neglect the area of Incident Response or (IR). While it is essential to implement solid security prevention, it is inevitable that some type of adverse incident will affect your operations, such as a hacker who penetrates your firewall, a criminal who uses social engineering techniques to find his way to sensitive data or an employee who accidentally installs a virus on the internal network. Reacting quickly and effectively is essential.

As a First Response Service, it is the mission of our experts to contain the incident and help the customer determine whether forensic services are needed. We will help preserve evidence found at the scene and establish a data trail that can be used in a forensic examination. Maintaining a proper chain of custody that preserves data integrity helps assure opportunities for prosecution are not lost and reduces the possibilities your organization is legally liable in the event of improper procedures. Our First Response Services Team will evaluate your situation and work with law enforcement officials to help determine if a full forensics investigation is warranted.