Hypersecurity LLC HIPAA Audit Services

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act - HIPAA

Healthcare regulatory compliance is one of the leading business concerns for most healthcare organizations today. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) required the Department of Health and Human Services to establish national standards for securing electronic health care information. HIPAA gives consumers rights to their health care information and sets federal rules to ensure consumer privacy is protected. HIPAA serves as the main regulation for the Health Care Industry, requiring security and privacy control over patient health care information, stored or transmitted.


As a result, healthcare organizations must address security and privacy control effectiveness, continually monitoring and improving their overall security posture. In many organizations, officers and staff spend valuable time reviewing regulatory requirements, ensuring ongoing compliance, and implementing new regulations, having less time to dedicate to the goals of their own business.

Hypersecurity can help manage the HIPAA compliance function and monitor compliance with healthcare regulations against a variety of standards and frameworks. Our HIPAA Compliance Assessment is divided into three main focus areas: privacy, electronic transactions, and security.


- Privacy determinations are made by evaluating policy, procedures, and business agreements to ensure that the organization has properly addressed confidentiality of patient information.

- Electronic transactions are evaluated for the security and exchange of information for administrative and financial exchanges among business partners.

- Security (administration, physical and technical) safeguards are evaluated against regulatory requirements. We consistently update our assessment process to address changes made to HIPAA and the statutory requirements of eHealth, IT, and operations environments.

Our team of HIPAA compliance consultants has extensive experience in assessing, base-lining, and making recommendations against a variety of frameworks which aid in HIPAA compliance as well as ensuring that the requirements set forth by the very specific language of the HIPAA regulation are properly addressed.


Our consultants are expert level security professionals, certified to perform assessments and make determinations. Our staff holds many of the leading security certifications, including CISSP, CISA, and CISM, among others. Our professionals have a wide variety of experience creating, developing, and assessing against security regulations, standards, and frameworks for the healthcare industry.


Performance of a HIPAA Assessment

The performance phase begins once the customer and engagement manager have approved the schedule of events. When we assess your HIPAA compliance, we will:

- Create an overview of your HIPAA risk profile
- Evaluate the Patient Data Inventory
- Review of policies, processes, and procedures for HIPAA compliance
- Conduct an assessment of your current performance in line with HIPAA
- Make recommendations for improvements for the control environment
- Assess current HIPAA compliance training
- Assess by line functions and internal audit your current level of HIPAA compliance monitoring

Hypersecurity will work with you to provide a proven project management approach that includes a step-by-step migration path to reach business objectives. We provide you with the identification of business risks and vulnerabilities, including any exploitable holes and a gap analysis comparing the current security eBusiness and privacy environment against HIPAA standards. We also identify next steps that must be taken to support the HIPAA requirements and give you a recommended action plan that contains detailed recommendations collaboratively derived to address operational and business process changes that can be readily blended into the your existing culture.

The benefits of our approach ensure your review procedures will be compliant with those used by the audit community and most federal agencies. We will create a report that assesses your HIPAA program based on unique organizational needs. Our HIPAA compliance professionals will work with your team to find solutions to compliance problems so that your employees can focus on serving the needs of your customers while we take care of your compliance issues.