Hypersecurity LLC COBIT Audit Services

Regulatory compliance is one of the leading business concerns for most organizations, regardless of industry. Laws are constantly changing, standards continue to improve, and the demands of security and control are growing within all organizations. As a result, organizations are faced with continuous compliance efforts which inevitably affect their budgets and bottom line. In many institutions, officers and staff spend valuable time reviewing regulatory requirements, ensuring ongoing compliance, and implementing new regulations, having less time to dedicate to the goals of their own business. Hypersecurity can help you manage your compliance function and monitor compliance with consumer regulations against a variety of standards and frameworks. 


ISACA Control Objectives for IT (COBIT)

Control Objectives for Information and related Technology
 (COBIT) is a set of best practices (i.e., a framework) for IT professionals created in 1992 by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the IT Governance Institute (ITGI).  It provides general guidelines for governance controls throughout an IT environment and is often used in part to fulfill Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance requirements and assist in maximizing the benefits of information technology, developing appropriate IT governance and appropriate control in a company. 


The Hypersecurity CoBIT Compliance Assessment provides management not only with pragmatic guidance via the use of a maturity model, but also critical success factors and suggested performance measures to enable continuous process improvement. This assessment focuses on performance management utilizing Key Goal Indicators to identify and measure outcomes of the integral control processes and Key Performance Indicators to assess how well control processes are performing. IT is the major enabler of business. Hence, the relationship between business goals and measures and IT goals and measures is very important.


Hypersecurity’s team of CoBIT compliance consultants have extensive experience in assessing, base-lining, and making recommendations against the CoBIT framework for organizations of any size. Our consultants are expert level security professionals, certified to make assessments using the CoBIT framework with the designation of CISA or CISM. Our professionals have a wide variety of experience creating, developing, and assessing against the CoBIT framework for the retail industry, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, private companies, public companies, and for government agencies.